“What are you passionate about?” 

That’s the powerful question that so many business articles encourage you to ask yourself. For people like me with a ton of different interests, it’s not exactly an easy one to answer. I’ve loved art and writing since I can remember. I’ve also loved business from a young age. One of my earliest memories is designing a menu for a restaurant I wanted to open named the Dolphin Café after my school’s mascot (don’t think they let 6-year-olds open restaurants, but that wasn’t going to stop me from dreaming). 

I wrote a 12-page research paper on Harriet Tubman in seventh grade, had a poem published in eighth grade and competed in every writing competition I could find throughout my school years. In college, I honed my writing skills while studying journalism and business at the University of Texas in Austin. While there, I helped manage a bridal boutique and realized that owning a business could be so fulfilling: as a creative outlet, a way to help others and a way to earn a living. I changed my major to business and finished my bachelor’s degree through Tarleton State University while working full-time.  

My most recent position as Communications Director at the Greater Hewitt Chamber enabled me to learn a tremendous amount about the local market and economy, the needs small businesses have and how to best reach the public through professional design and communications. I was thrilled to win state-wide awards and recognition for our annual Community Guide and Business Directory two years in a row. Our membership also saw 90% growth during the six-plus years I was at the chamber. 

During that time, I coordinated and marketed over 425 events ranging from ribbon-cutting ceremonies attended by a dozen people to community events with attendance in the thousands. That meant LOTS of copywriting, graphic design, social media and email marketing (both production and strategy), working with media outlets on advertising, ordering a variety of promo items and managing the moving parts and dozens of details that go along with event-planning. (By the way, if you have a business and aren’t a member of the Greater Hewitt Chamber yet, join here and get involved!) 

I will be forever grateful to the board of directors and business members that I worked with while at the chamber, but I am beyond excited to now have the opportunity to serve fellow small businesses by providing design and marketing services through my very own marketing agency!  

So what am I passionate about? Helping small business owners share what they’re passionate about – their businesses. With eye-catching design and engaging writing, we can work together to tell your own story, enabling you to build relationships, attract customers and grow your business. 

I hope to get the chance to work with you! Please email laura@fruitfulmktg.com or call (254) 723-2310 with any questions or to get started with your project ?  

A Few of My Favorite Things:

My Husband

Zach Burke is the kindest, funniest person I know. Spending time with him is the best part of my day, hands down.  

Our Pups

Fozzie, Ellie, Quinn and Roo are insane, cuddly and have my heart completely. Adopt, don’t shop! 

Movies & TV

Young Frankenstein, Office Space, Galaxy Quest, The Office, Community, British mystery shows


Reading (mostly non-fiction lately), cooking, watching TV/movies, family game nights, travel